Walnut Baby Ornament

 For a few years, I've had a Christmas tradition of making an ornament for the Christmas tree. This year I decided to recreate one of my favorite ornaments from my childhood: an adorable walnut baby. It's very easy to make and definitely squee-worthy. Here's how to make your own.

     Step 1: Carefully pry open your walnut. Ideally, you will have 2 perfect halves.
     Step 2: Scoop out the guts of the nut.
         Step 3: Cut one half of the nut in half. This step is tricky as it's hard to get a straight cut.
     I found it helpful to make small cuts across the nut to guide where it split.
      Step 4: Hot glue some ric rac to the cut edge of the quarter shell piece.
      Step 5: Hot clue a small piece of fabric to the inside of the shell.
      Step 6: Hot glue the other side of the fabric to the other side of the inside of the shell.
    Step 7: Stuff some stuffing or a cotton ball under the fabric.
     Step 8: Draw a face on a wooden bead and hot glue it on the stuffing and fabric.
    Step 9: Hot glue the two shell pieces together.
        Step 10: Hot glue small wooden beads onto a piece of a toothpick. 
    Hot glue onto the bottom of the shell.
    Step 11: Hot glue a piece of embroidery floss onto the front and back of the shell.

     Step 12: Hang from your tree and cherish forever!

The second baby from the left is our original walnut baby that is at least 30 years old. As you can see, I couldn't stop making walnut babies! Now there's a little walnut baby play date on my Christmas tree.

My awesome sister knitted a micro blanket for one of the walnut babies! She even wrote down the pattern for you to try! Find it on Ravelry
We also spent the last few days making a mini gingerbread village, from scratch! Here's a tiny peek. Take a look at all the photos at Knits For Life!


  1. Wow, I totally remember making something similar when I was small. Only it was a tiny mouse in a walnut instead of a baby! Great project :)

    -Jenni from Bottomley Cottage

  2. Someone on my Facebook Page also remembers having these on the tree when she was little! We need to start a group of photos. Here's here comment: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=605625796141629&set=a.187413821296164.36949.180114758692737&type=1&theater


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