String Art Yarn Bomb

My dad used to do this kind of string art in the 70s; maybe that's where my sister and I's current obsession with it comes from. To be honest, we didn't make the connection until very recently. We made our way to a local park that has a large fenced-in dog area. It was basically begging to be yarn bombed. So we obliged. That is, Lorna did the yarn work and I took pictures. I think she gets rather annoyed with my constant desire to practice photography, especially when I force her to model for me. But she's just so darn good at it. So sorry, Lorna, but I'm posting these pictures even though you'll hate me because I love them.

Here are the pictures she's really going to kill me for. Hee hee! She's just lucky I'm leaving out her 'tiger in the grass' photo.


  1. Grrrr! Tiger in the grass comin' atcha!!

  2. Your photographs are so beautiful, especially the last one with the blurry foreground flowers and your sister in focus - this makes me want to practice every day until I can wield a camera like that ;)

  3. She is so photogenic! That last photo is really great. And the yarnbombing is so cool! I like how in the first picture it looks like freestanding yarn structures in the grass instead of yarn tied to the fence. It's an optical illusion.


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