Photo Challenge: Winter

I'm a bit jealous of people who live in wintery parts of the world lately. My town doesn't change much from season to season. The temperature seems to always be in the 60s. The trees are always green. The water is always blue. Sounds nice, but it's pretty uninspiring. So I challenged myself to go out and take some photos that feel wintery. This first photo, above, is the only one that maybe, sort-of could be considered wintery. The rest look like freaking summer. But I'm totally cool with that. I tried things I wouldn't have otherwise tried or thought of. And most importantly, I just got out there and shot something. And since I rode my bike, I got some exercise too. Win-win!


  1. The botanist in me thinks they look right wintry! Don't be jelly!

  2. Your photos are amazing...

    My guess is you live in Florida ? :)


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