String Art Yarn Bomb

My dad used to do this kind of string art in the 70s; maybe that's where my sister and I's current obsession with it comes from. To be honest, we didn't make the connection until very recently. We made our way to a local park that has a large fenced-in dog area. It was basically begging to be yarn bombed. So we obliged. That is, Lorna did the yarn work and I took pictures. I think she gets rather annoyed with my constant desire to practice photography, especially when I force her to model for me. But she's just so darn good at it. So sorry, Lorna, but I'm posting these pictures even though you'll hate me because I love them.

Here are the pictures she's really going to kill me for. Hee hee! She's just lucky I'm leaving out her 'tiger in the grass' photo.


Michael and Renee

This weekend I took some engagement photos for my good friend, Renee. Michael and Renee are so perfect for each other. They were so natural in front of the camera and I didn't have to direct them at all. My sister came along and helped so much, I don't know how we could have done it without her. She's actually getting married the same day as Michael and Renee. I'm working on forcing her to let me do an engagement shoot with her too.


iPayPhone Yarn Bomb

Yesterday I tagged along with Lorna, from Knits For Life (my sister!) while she installed this super awesome iphone yarn bomb on this sad looking pay phone. As you can see in the before above, the receiver is gone so this is a definite upgrade. I wanted to ask her a few questions about the idea and her process: 
 Jill: How did you come up with the idea for this installation? 
Lorna: It's funny. You hear artists say they forgot how the idea came to them and you can't imagine how it could be true. But you know what? I forgot! I think I saw a pay phone somewhere that was yarn bombed in solid color blocks. Then the idea to play with the obsolescence of pay phones occured to me. That might be true. But maybe I also forgot.
Jill: What draws you to yarn bombing? Why do you do it?
Lorna: It's public. Everyone can see it, people don't have to buy it or pay for it. It comes to people, right in their path when they're not even expecting it. I can't do that with my knitting and crochet with any other projects. I do it because I hate ugly and pointless things so it forces me to think of something I feel or think that's worth saying. 
And then I couldn't think of anymore good questions, so that kind of put a damper on that plan. But the answers she gave were honest and hard-hitting so I'm still calling it a success. 


Safari Book Page Holder Winner

Congrats to Tori Noland!
Please email me at jpwatt8080@aol.com with your info so I can send the giraffe your way! 


Lover's Lane

With the help of my new amigurumi friend Hamlet, the yarn bombing cu-pig, I made a little Lover's Lane yarn bomb near my home. The ever-so-talented and inspiring Meredith is hosting this Valentine's heart-themed yarn bomb-along. 

I had a hard time making up my mind for where to put these sweet, little hearts. I decided to make a little 'Lover's Lane' literally off the beaten path on a little section of wilderness just off the Bay Trail. I wonder how many people will see it.

If you'd like to join in on the yarn bombing fun, this bomb-along lasts until Sunday! And if you'd like to make your own Hamlet the Pig, he's available on Craftsy and Ravelry. And there are only a few days left to win your own safari book page holder! Happy Valentine's Day!


Photo Challenge: Winter

I'm a bit jealous of people who live in wintery parts of the world lately. My town doesn't change much from season to season. The temperature seems to always be in the 60s. The trees are always green. The water is always blue. Sounds nice, but it's pretty uninspiring. So I challenged myself to go out and take some photos that feel wintery. This first photo, above, is the only one that maybe, sort-of could be considered wintery. The rest look like freaking summer. But I'm totally cool with that. I tried things I wouldn't have otherwise tried or thought of. And most importantly, I just got out there and shot something. And since I rode my bike, I got some exercise too. Win-win!