Photo an hour

This is how I figure Muffin thinks. She strolls around the place like she's bored all the time. Then she'll give me this look and apparently I'm supposed to understand and take some sort of action. But whatever I do, it's not what I'm supposed to be doing according to her.
But this isn't about Muffin, this is about photography! I've been really trying to get better at it. Sometimes it's not easy, but it's almost always fun! So I'm taking the plunge, ignoring how boring my daily life is, and doing a photo an hour project. Here we go!

10 AM: Woke up and have some iced coffee. 
Ran out of food, so no breakfast :(
 11 AM: Grocery shopping. Muffin pretends to help.
Noon: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies!
 1 PM: Too lazy to make lunch, so ate cookies!
2 PM: Practiced using tablet to draw on photos.
3 PM: Purged some clutter and made room for muffin on this shelf 
which is her new favorite spot. But of course she refused to be in the photo.
4 PM: Sunset bike ride!
 5 PM: Worked on my next project.

So what did I learn from this challenge? As much as I was proud of myself for actually having done something different each hour (as opposed to sitting in front of the computer all day) it's still quite boring. However, it did force me to keep taking pictures. I always find myself resisting taking a picture because "no one wants to see a picture of X,Y,Z...". But really, just taking the pictures, as practice, is what is important for this challenge. At least for now. 


  1. LIVING THE DREAM!! Your day looks like a vacation on its best day. The sunset bike ride pic really takes me away. I would never have thought of that shot! Nice work. And high five for sunset bike ride!

  2. Still a better day than mine!! lol. What kind of tablet did you get? It looks similar to mine. I have an 'Intuos 3 6"X8" ' Wacom tablet. I absolutely love mine. ^_^

    1. Mine is the same! I use it every few years or so lol. I don't give it enough time to ever really get used to using it.

  3. I think your photos are lovely! And daily photos are the best, as they capture your day-to-day existence, and not just holidays and special events! These are the memories worth saving!

  4. OMG, the hexipuffs! DUH! I have vases of mine all over the place (I'm obsessed with miniskeins)... but making them literally a piece of art. BRILLIANT. How did I not think of this. YAY! THANK OU!


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