My first finished project of the year! I improvised this little worm from the Labyrinth and am pretty happy with how he turned out. He could use some adjustments, and I might make a pattern but that's a bit daunting right now. Felting the blue bit on his back was fun at first, but just got tiring after a while. One felting needle broke off and is still stuck in his head. I'm too scared to try to get it out. Felting needles are scary stuff! So he's secluded to the book shelf; now he's a book worm!

As a kid watching The Labyrinth, I always wondered what would have happened if Sarah had gone in for the cup of tea Mr. Worm offered her. I mean how would she have fit in his home!? Actually now that I think about it with my adult brain, maybe he didn't live in the rocks he was perched upon during this scene. Maybe he actually lived in a worm-sized mansion that would have easily or at least snuggly fit a human girl? Wherever his home, I wanted to go in and meet 'the Mrs.' so badly! I assumed she would have been polite but a little miffed at having unexpected company. She might not even have enough tea for a giant, bratty human!
 I also wondered if the worm was being a dick in telling Sarah to go the wrong way or if he thought he was protecting her from going to the scary castle. Now, watching it with my adult brain, it seems pretty clear he was being valiant. 
It seems strange to me, but there are a lot of people I know who never watched The Labyrinth as a kid. They claim they could never finish the movie because of David Bowie! Say what!? Clearly I need new friends.


  1. I literally JUMPED in my chair when I saw this. SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this! The Labyrinth is one of my all time favourites, along with the Goonies and Willow. They just don't make 'em like they used to!

  3. Oooooh, I like your worm! I did a crochet version of him a while back using a pattern I found on craftster but I think I'd like to try a knitted version - looks so awesome...and scarf is so cute hehehe.
    Hahaha I also used to wonder if the worm was being mean by telling Sarah to go the wrong way or if he really was helping. I also can't believe people when they say they never watched it as a kid AND that they didn't like Bowie in it. Bowie was the best part! In fact, that movie introduced me to Bowie :)
    Some day I'll crochet the goblin king...

  4. that's amazing! had to go on IMDB just now as always had it in my head that the worm's voice was Eric Idle- I was wrong!

    Anyway, loving Mr Worm x

  5. I love this! How cool!
    I was watching this movie the other night with friends that kept talking about how creepy David Bowie was and how they didn't like him...I think I might need new friends, too ;)

  6. I think this is amazing! And I think Karen Prell will too. :)


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