Photos in December

I'd love to do a photo an hour type thing one day, but my days are far too boring for that. People really don't need or want to see 10 photos of various parts of my computer. Because that's what would end up happening if I were to do it honestly. So I've decided to just jump right in with the first photo a day project I came across on Pinterest. I'm going to take a leap and say most of my photos will be of Muffin. As if there was anything wrong with that! 
Day 1 - Your view today.

My goals with this project are to be less apprehensive about taking pictures in general and of course I'd also like to improve my photography, specifically slowing down and taking the time to apply all the photography stuff I've been teaching myself. That part is hard for me. I'm a finisher and I like to get things done. I would like to learn to enjoy the process. 


  1. Is that a flattened cat nest under Muffin? If so, I'm glad my cat is not the only one who does that (instead of crawling into it, which is kind of what my efforts were all about). The photo looks great, especially the focus - amazing!

    1. haha yes! When I pop it open for her she attacks and flattens it then wonders why she can't get in.

  2. Pretty kitty! :) Lovely shot!

  3. This is a gorgeous shot! Great job!

    Thanks so much for linking up and participating with us!

    xxo-lianne @a content housewife


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