Gift Guide: For Cats!

 I've seen lofts of good gift guides around for every type of person you could possibly have in your life: sister, bff, mom, husband, child, mailman, barista ... the list goes on. But the one member of my family I'm most anxious to please is my cat! What does she want for Christmas!? Cats are notoriously difficult to shop for. Whatever you buy them, they're almost sure not to want. Whatever you buy for yourself, they find endlessly fascinating and fun to play with rip to shreds. I've spoken things over with Muffin, and we've come up with this gift guide that's sure to please the most important member of your household.

Catnip is a pretty obvious choice. But don't waste your money on pre-made toys laced with this aromatic amusement, make your own with some organic dried catnip! This is a win-win. You can have fun crafting cute little toys and your cat can get his or her groove on with a different toy every day.
Or better yet, get this catnip spray! Spray it on a scratching post, an under-loved toy, or the faces of your enemies. 
If you haven't made one yet, hook up your cat with a cat nest (hook. crochet. get it?). If your cat doesn't end up using it, stuff it and use as a pillow!
Laser pointers are fun for the whole family. Is it more fun for a cat to chase a red dot or for you to torture your cat with a red dot? I don't know, but what I do know is that holding a laser pointer sure gets tiring! You've got better things to be holding at Christmastime, like booze. So let this automatic laser toy do all the work for you!

Now where is your cat going to relax and unwind after all this fun and excitement? His very own tree house is where! Just look at this thing! I totally want it.
And last but certainly not least, what Muffin wants most of all, is a baby Bengal sister! 
Bengal Kitten
Now how are you going to present these offerings to the head of the household? You can't just wrap them in the same paper that everyone else gets. Make your cat this adorable stocking! It's a free pattern from Red Heart, of course!


  1. This post actually melted my heart! I love spoiling my cat at Christmas, these ideas are great. Kind of want the tree house!

    Jodie xx | Future Freaks Me

  2. Haha, this made me a)laugh maniacally b)want to buy it all for my cat - except for another cat, that would not sit well with the head of the household. (I did make her a house for herself from a huge IKEA box for Christmas, she already has the cat nest and she got like a million other presents, but never mind that...) The catnip spray is an awesome idea!


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