A Crafty Birthday!

Last week for my birthday, my super awesome sister got me all sorts of crafty goodness! This yarn winder, let me tell you. Let me tell you, this yarn winder. This yarn winder! Yes! I'm going to risk sounding like those home shopping network dolts and say that not only is this thing super useful but it's freaking fun to use! My yarn stash not only takes up way less space but it looks pretty too! And that's not all, folks! She also got me a finger stitch counter. It's a stitch counter you wear on your finger! I don't have to worry about losing count any more. Is it just me or is it impossible to count to 2 while crocheting and watching Netflix? I can't do it. I always lose count. Not any more! 
And that's still not all! Look at this super duper cute packaging! She hand carved that yarn stamp people. And that was only her second attempt. She's basically carving DaVinci-level images now. I almost didn't want to rip it open. Almost. And her fiance got me a Joann's gift card! Best sister and bro-in-law ever. Oh, and I'm totally counting these pictures as Day 3 of the daily photo project I'm doing. Just ignore that I accidentally left the ISO set to 1600 from our Santa Train adventure last night.


  1. i have that yarn winder too....and man it is a godsend. it cut the space my yarn takes up in half!! im glad to see that someone else got as excited about a yarn winder as i did. enjoy!

  2. Such an exciting post!!! I love everything! But first off...Happy belated! I hope you had a great time and I wish you an amazing year:)

    Now onto yarn talk;) Your project looks amazing! I'll be making a cardigan soon and had been looking for the perfect stitch, I think that is the one! Could you let me know what it's called?

    And I never even knew you had finger stitch counters. Very handy indeed!

    And that stamp of course:D Wow! I love it! I can only imagine what her current stamps might look like!


    1. Thanks! :)
      Here's the pattern for the hat pictured: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-bubble-hat-3

    2. Thanks so much! I'll be doing some experimenting to see if I can make it into a nice cardigan:)

      Good luck with your hat. It looks great already!

  3. Oh I'm so glad I am not the only one with counting and Netflix problems hehehehe.


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