Cat Nails

Here's a super easy nail design for cat lovers. It's pretty self explanatory so I'll just give you some tips instead of a full blown how to. When working with tape, I always put the tape on the back of my hand and pull it off a few times to reduce it's stickiness. The less sticky it is, the easier it will be to work with and the less likely it will ruin your base coat. Then put the tape on a piece of paper and cut out your design. To make it easy, I used a cat shape stamp cut out thingy. Then just put it where you want it and paint over it. Pull the tape off right away. And that's it! 
I'm a fan of this bronze nail polish, 'penny talk' by Essie. In some lights it looks gold, but most of the time it's got a pinky bronzy color that goes great with my wardrobe, which is basically all black. Is it just me or as soon as you paint your nails, while they're still wet, do you suddenly find yourself motivated to do all the stuff you've been putting off? But of course your nails are wet, so you can't. Sorry dishes, you'll have to stay dirty for now!


Gift Guide: For Cats!

 I've seen lofts of good gift guides around for every type of person you could possibly have in your life: sister, bff, mom, husband, child, mailman, barista ... the list goes on. But the one member of my family I'm most anxious to please is my cat! What does she want for Christmas!? Cats are notoriously difficult to shop for. Whatever you buy them, they're almost sure not to want. Whatever you buy for yourself, they find endlessly fascinating and fun to play with rip to shreds. I've spoken things over with Muffin, and we've come up with this gift guide that's sure to please the most important member of your household.

Catnip is a pretty obvious choice. But don't waste your money on pre-made toys laced with this aromatic amusement, make your own with some organic dried catnip! This is a win-win. You can have fun crafting cute little toys and your cat can get his or her groove on with a different toy every day.
Or better yet, get this catnip spray! Spray it on a scratching post, an under-loved toy, or the faces of your enemies. 
If you haven't made one yet, hook up your cat with a cat nest (hook. crochet. get it?). If your cat doesn't end up using it, stuff it and use as a pillow!
Laser pointers are fun for the whole family. Is it more fun for a cat to chase a red dot or for you to torture your cat with a red dot? I don't know, but what I do know is that holding a laser pointer sure gets tiring! You've got better things to be holding at Christmastime, like booze. So let this automatic laser toy do all the work for you!

Now where is your cat going to relax and unwind after all this fun and excitement? His very own tree house is where! Just look at this thing! I totally want it.
And last but certainly not least, what Muffin wants most of all, is a baby Bengal sister! 
Bengal Kitten
Now how are you going to present these offerings to the head of the household? You can't just wrap them in the same paper that everyone else gets. Make your cat this adorable stocking! It's a free pattern from Red Heart, of course!


Yarn Storage

I hesitate to call having too much yarn a problem, because Yarn! However, the more yarn you have the harder it is come up with places to stash it. For me, the ideal yarn storage solution has 3 qualities. It must be: 
easily accessible
out of the way
nicely displayed 

There are countless ways to store yarn that meets 1 or 2 of these ideals, but never all three! It's the elusive yarn lover's trifecta! I hardly have an outrageous yarn stash (like my sister *cough cough* yarn whore) but I have enough that tossing it in a drawer or basket is no longer an option. So I've (finally!) come up with a yarn storage solution that, for me and possibly for you, is pure perfection! 
It doesn't matter how much yarn you have, this idea could work for you. It's cheap. It's easy. It's even fun to do! All you need is a yarn winder, peg board, and straight hooks from Home Depot. And then just go crazy! The only small problem I had was they don't seem to sell the right size straight hooks by themselves. I had to buy an assortment of hooks in a pack, some of which I can't use for the yarn. It's okay, though, because you could use them to store other stuff on the peg board as well. The assortment pack also came with the hardware needed to mount the pegboard on the wall. A 2' x 4' pegboard plus 4 packs of hooks came to less than $25!
As you can see, this fits perfectly behind doors, almost as if that space was meant for yarn! And my mind reels with the decorative possibilities! 


Sh(elf): Free Crochet Pattern

Where in the world did the shelf elf come from? I don't know, but you just know that this thing is right up my alley! Making little scenes with cute things? How could you not love itWhat I don't love is that they cost 30 freaking bucks! Say what‽ And I fell for it. I got a real one. But I immediately regretted it. So I made my own pattern so that you wouldn't have to live in this depressing world of regret I'm in. Merry Christmas!

He hasn't told me his name yet, but here are some of the shenanigans he's been up to lately.


A Crafty Birthday!

Last week for my birthday, my super awesome sister got me all sorts of crafty goodness! This yarn winder, let me tell you. Let me tell you, this yarn winder. This yarn winder! Yes! I'm going to risk sounding like those home shopping network dolts and say that not only is this thing super useful but it's freaking fun to use! My yarn stash not only takes up way less space but it looks pretty too! And that's not all, folks! She also got me a finger stitch counter. It's a stitch counter you wear on your finger! I don't have to worry about losing count any more. Is it just me or is it impossible to count to 2 while crocheting and watching Netflix? I can't do it. I always lose count. Not any more! 
And that's still not all! Look at this super duper cute packaging! She hand carved that yarn stamp people. And that was only her second attempt. She's basically carving DaVinci-level images now. I almost didn't want to rip it open. Almost. And her fiance got me a Joann's gift card! Best sister and bro-in-law ever. Oh, and I'm totally counting these pictures as Day 3 of the daily photo project I'm doing. Just ignore that I accidentally left the ISO set to 1600 from our Santa Train adventure last night.


Photos in December

I'd love to do a photo an hour type thing one day, but my days are far too boring for that. People really don't need or want to see 10 photos of various parts of my computer. Because that's what would end up happening if I were to do it honestly. So I've decided to just jump right in with the first photo a day project I came across on Pinterest. I'm going to take a leap and say most of my photos will be of Muffin. As if there was anything wrong with that! 
Day 1 - Your view today.

My goals with this project are to be less apprehensive about taking pictures in general and of course I'd also like to improve my photography, specifically slowing down and taking the time to apply all the photography stuff I've been teaching myself. That part is hard for me. I'm a finisher and I like to get things done. I would like to learn to enjoy the process.