Sir Reginald Wiggly

I've been preparing for my summer knitting camp for a while now. I've been pinning knitting and crochet projects that I think kids will love. It's difficult to know what they will be interested in or even able to do. The camp I work at promotes autodidact-ism by allowing the kids choose exactly what they want to do with their time. I keep thinking of kids coming in to learn how to knit, getting frustrated, and abandoning it mid-lesson. One way I've thought to preemptively combat this is to fill my studio with cute stuff that hopefully will spark some interest in knitting and crochet. Enter Sir Reginald Wiggly. He has recently been hired to be my spokesoctopuss. He's self-taught and loves to impress people with his multi-stranded technique and his tiny stitches.

My ultimate success would be to help even just one kid discover a passion for knitting. If that doesn't happen, I know Sir Reginald and I will at least have some fun together this summer!
By the way, if you'd like to make your own Knitting Octopuss, get the pattern here.


  1. i simply LOVE what you do! I would love to have your skills! :)))

  2. Oh my. Words cannot express how much I love this. *types. deletes. types. deletes* See?

  3. Oh my goodness, this is majestic. It's gotten hugely popular on Tumblr, well done.

  4. I want to hug him so badly...

  5. This is one of the coolest knit things I've ever seen! I think it's made the jump from tumblr to facebook, as well. :)


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