DIY Terrarium Tips

I'm a sucker for succulents. They're cute, surprisingly colorful, and so easy to care for. I made these two succulent terrariums recently and would like to offer you some tips for making your own!

The Succulents
I went to a few places including a fancy nursery but ended up finding the best selection at Home Depot. They had a good variety of sizes and shapes and at $2.00 each were considerably cheaper than everywhere else I looked. If you're like me, you definitely won't need as many succulents as you think you'll need. I bought at least four times the amount I needed (not that there's such a thing as too many succulents!).

The Container
I looked many places for a good glass container and had a hard time finding anything with plain glass. I ended up getting these candle holders at Pier 1 for $10 and $14. This seems a little pricey, but I'm guessing you might find a good deal at a thrift shop (the ones around here are useless). I would have loved to find something that could hang or even a cool camping lantern but I gave up looking too quickly for that. Depending on the type of container you use, it could be a bit tricky to get your hands in there to place your succulents. Just keep this in mind when you're picking one out. But how cool would it be to make a ship-in-a-bottle type terrarium!? 

Add some whimsy to your terrarium! I made these long legged kitties to put in mine. 
It's amazing how a terrarium will instantly add a playful sort of elegance to any room. I highly recommend making some yourself. If you do, I'd love to see how they turn out!

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