The Cowboy

This is The Cowboy.  He's a work in progress but he's pretty dang awesome just as he is. 
He got his name from a sticker I picked up the day I ordered him. It had a picture of what I'm assuming was John Wayne and said THE COWBOY underneath him. 
This past Sunday I made this super sweet bike bag with the help of My Girl Thursday and Love Elycia. I made a few modifications like sewing on ties instead of the velcro rigging they had. I figured there are not many places on my bike I'd be able to use the bag, so I might as well make it easy on myself and not deal with velcro. If you'd like to make one, here's where you can get the instructions, not to mention be entertained by these two lovely ladies. Although I just mentioned it, so whatever.
My next step in making The Cowboy even cooler is to install some sweet new grips I got at the Public store (no thanks to the huge jerk of a 'salesman' that was working there! That's right, I'm calling you a jerk, you sexist jerky jerkface!) I can't wait to go on some leisurely bike rides with my sister this spring and summer!

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