Wall Art Speech Bubble

I finally found a way to display my rather eclectic collection of wall art that makes me happy! Previously, I had it all pinned up in a clump on this wall. A few lucky finds led me to come up with this speech bubble idea. First, I bought this giraffe decal on Etsy a few weeks ago. Then, I saw that Target was selling sets of 10 various sized frames for $12!  So it's meant to look like the giraffe (in the bottom, left hand corner) is dreaming about all these wonderful art prints. 
I measured the space on my wall where I wanted to put them and laid them out in a pattern on my bed. But my measurements must have been off or something because as I was putting them up I realized they weren't going to fit the way I planned. So I just thought "screw it" and put them up wherever they fit. And it worked! So the lesson here is: don't plan things out. Right? 

Some other things I've learned while creating this: I guess I like foxes more than I realized and I'm becoming slightly obsessed with giraffes!


  1. You could even create a collage-inspired wall decals in your home. It'll be more unique and playful as well cause it'll look like as if you are solving a puzzle.

  2. This is so so so so so so *big deep breath* sooooooooo cute!


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