Free Mini Snowman Crochet Pattern

The first tradition I've decided to start this year is to make an ornament for the Christmas tree. I only need to make one each year and eventually I'll have a tree full of unique, handmade ornaments! Sounds pretty good to me! I've seen knitting patterns similar to these little guys, but I wanted something quicker so I put together this crochet pattern. And I wrote it out so you can make one (or more) too! I made a bunch and gave a few to family members as Thanksgiving presents.

                                            The Pattern
G Hook
20 yds White yarn
4 yds Other color yarn for scarf
Black, Brown, and Gold Embroidery thread

sc: single crochet
inc: 2 sc in one stitch
dec: 1 sc over two stitches

Make a 6 stitch magic ring 
Row 1: Inc around (12)
Row 2: *sc 1, inc 1. Repeat from * (18)
Row 3: *sc 2, inc 1. Repeat from * (24)
Rows 4-7: sc around
Row 8: *sc 2, dec 1. Repeat from * (18)
Row 9: *sc 1, dec 1. Repeat from * (12)
Row 10: *sc 1, inc 1. Repeat from * (18)
Rows 11-13: sc around
Row 14: *sc 1, dec 1. Repeat from * (12)
Stuff with Polyfill
Row 15: dec around (6)
Row 16: dec around (3)

Chain 43
Turn, sc in 3rd stitch, sc all

Embroider hands, eyes, and mouth.
Attach 6 inch length of embroidery yarn in a loop at the head for hanging.

To mark the beginning of each round, I like to use a bobby pin. Just clip it onto the first stitch and it will hang there out of your way but holding your place!

If you make one, let me know! I'd love to hear how it went or see some pictures! Here's the Ravelry page.

And thank you for the birthday wishes! I had a good day of hanging out with my sister. She made me a yummy meal of some of my favorite foods and gave me lots of cool prezzies from Etsy and Jaffa Cakes from London!


  1. Hi, I hope you don't mind my comment but I believe Rows 9 & 14 should read "sc2, dec1". Forgive me if I'm wrong x

  2. meravellós. Un detall original i sembla fàcil de fer.

  3. Love these! I would like to link your pattern from my blog: cherishables-handcrafts.blogspot.com as part of my Christmas Countdown beginning 12/1/12. Thanks!

  4. Oh they are so cute!! :)

    I linked this tutorial in my blog: http://whiterabbittreasures.blogspot.fi/2012/12/diy-christmas-cutest-craft-tutorials.html hope you don't mind :)

  5. Thank you much for sharing. I love them.

  6. I'm just learning to crochet and I love these! So many wonderful things to crochet and so little time. I love the fact that these will work on into January since I doubt I'll get them figured out in time for Christmas. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful pattern!

  7. This is a great pattern! Very quick and easy to do! Thank you! The only thing that I would recommend...embroider the eyes, mouth and arms on the snowman BEFORE stuffing. It makes it soooo much easier :) I love this though...I'm making a few of these as gift fillers. I'm stuffing them with porpourie :)

  8. These are adorable...thank you!! I just finished two to give as a gift...I will definitely make more for next year!

    Link to my finished snowmen: http://pinterest.com/pin/117586240242787464/

  9. This pattern is great! They are super cute and quick to make. I made three for Christmas. Here is the link to my blog post: http://mama-for-sale.blogspot.de/2012/12/drei-schneemanner.html It is a German blog, but you can click a translate to English button or just look at the picture :) Thanks for the pattern!!! Katrin

  10. How large are they supposed to come out, because mine are about 4 inches tall? Thanks.

  11. what type of yarn are you using?

  12. Bought the yarn today, hoping to make 12 in time for Christmas, one for each of our guests.

  13. I made two to put on my Christmas wreath! I love the pattern and included a link back :)

  14. Thanks for sharing the delightful mini Snowpeople!

  15. OMG ! these are too cute ! thanks for sharing, i posted the link here : http://www.pinterest.com/lemondedis/christmas-diy-tutoriels-inspiration/

  16. Hi! These are so darn adorable. I have a quick question about the pattern. Do you join rows with a slip stitch or work in a spiral? If you join, do you chain one before starting the next row? Thank you so much!

  17. To Anonymous, from a reader: don't join the rounds or chain 1, just keep going.

    To Dapper Toad: I made the basic body--good pattern!-and then I noticed a comment somewhere about noses and hats, so I added on a hat (made more or less like the head), arms and feet to make it resemble a much larger vintage decoration. Link and my photos of the two together are at the bottom of this page (scroll down): http://deweystreehouse.blogspot.ca/p/sometimes-i-make-christma.html .

  18. Thanks for sharing! I posted a link to your tutorial and a photo of my finished snowman at ahookandahappyheart.wordpress.com


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