Wall Art Speech Bubble

I finally found a way to display my rather eclectic collection of wall art that makes me happy! Previously, I had it all pinned up in a clump on this wall. A few lucky finds led me to come up with this speech bubble idea. First, I bought this giraffe decal on Etsy a few weeks ago. Then, I saw that Target was selling sets of 10 various sized frames for $12!  So it's meant to look like the giraffe (in the bottom, left hand corner) is dreaming about all these wonderful art prints. 
I measured the space on my wall where I wanted to put them and laid them out in a pattern on my bed. But my measurements must have been off or something because as I was putting them up I realized they weren't going to fit the way I planned. So I just thought "screw it" and put them up wherever they fit. And it worked! So the lesson here is: don't plan things out. Right? 

Some other things I've learned while creating this: I guess I like foxes more than I realized and I'm becoming slightly obsessed with giraffes!


My Favorite Ornaments

When I was a kid I never really appreciated how wonderful having a tree full of mismatched and meaningful ornaments is. I thought the best trees were the ones with simple but perfectly matched ornaments placed evenly around. Now, however, I'm so glad my sister kept all of our ornaments we had as kids! They are so perfectly imperfect, colorful, and full of character! In order to practice taking better pictures (one of my bucket list goals) I thought I'd share a few of my favorites. 

These angels are my second favorite. I'm not sure if we originally had more, but I think it's amazing we still have three of them and that their wings are still in tact!
This walnut baby is my absolute favorite! Everything about it is just perfect!
We have a few of these painted peanuts. They are so simple but super cute! We plan on making some to go along with the ones we have.
This one is newer, but it's a goose and I love geese so it belongs on my favorites list.
This one is my mother's favorite. "Snowmen don't sit!" she says. 
My grandmother made this needlepoint ornament.

And more important than what goes on the tree is what goes UNDER it! Check out these prezzies that my sister wrapped. The only problem is that none of them are for me.

I have a confession, I haven't even started Christmas shopping. I think it was my little way of protesting people saying that time was running out  last week. No, it wasn't! Next week, time will be running out. And I will accept that challenge by not starting until then! 


Free Mini Snowman Crochet Pattern

The first tradition I've decided to start this year is to make an ornament for the Christmas tree. I only need to make one each year and eventually I'll have a tree full of unique, handmade ornaments! Sounds pretty good to me! I've seen knitting patterns similar to these little guys, but I wanted something quicker so I put together this crochet pattern. And I wrote it out so you can make one (or more) too! I made a bunch and gave a few to family members as Thanksgiving presents.

                                            The Pattern
G Hook
20 yds White yarn
4 yds Other color yarn for scarf
Black, Brown, and Gold Embroidery thread

sc: single crochet
inc: 2 sc in one stitch
dec: 1 sc over two stitches

Make a 6 stitch magic ring 
Row 1: Inc around (12)
Row 2: *sc 1, inc 1. Repeat from * (18)
Row 3: *sc 2, inc 1. Repeat from * (24)
Rows 4-7: sc around
Row 8: *sc 2, dec 1. Repeat from * (18)
Row 9: *sc 1, dec 1. Repeat from * (12)
Row 10: *sc 1, inc 1. Repeat from * (18)
Rows 11-13: sc around
Row 14: *sc 1, dec 1. Repeat from * (12)
Stuff with Polyfill
Row 15: dec around (6)
Row 16: dec around (3)

Chain 43
Turn, sc in 3rd stitch, sc all

Embroider hands, eyes, and mouth.
Attach 6 inch length of embroidery yarn in a loop at the head for hanging.

To mark the beginning of each round, I like to use a bobby pin. Just clip it onto the first stitch and it will hang there out of your way but holding your place!

If you make one, let me know! I'd love to hear how it went or see some pictures! Here's the Ravelry page.

And thank you for the birthday wishes! I had a good day of hanging out with my sister. She made me a yummy meal of some of my favorite foods and gave me lots of cool prezzies from Etsy and Jaffa Cakes from London!