Mini Fox Stole My Heart

I went crafting crazy this weekend! I woke up Saturday morning and was in the mood to make some stamps (a snail, a mushroom, and some plants), then I sewed up a few drawstring pouches, made a woodland scene wall decal, and then I came across a knitting pattern. Not just any knitting pattern, but possibly the most adorable scarf ever imagined! I bought it immediately and went to town on my yarn stash. You know in cartoons when someone digs through a drawer and throws item by item out over their shoulders? That was me with my yarn. I settled on some super soft malabrigo that I had forgotten about. 
I even wore it to the store today. I felt a little silly and it certainly wasn't cold enough for a coat, scarf, AND hat but I had to! For some reason I've become incapable of taking a picture without this total bitch look on my face. I'm really sorry, I swear I'm not as bitchy as this bitch below would make you believe.
And I find this picture hilarious:
Yes. That is a Christmas tree up in the background. I couldn't help that either.  :D

Now I need to get to work on my birthday bucket list. It's taken me months to think of enough items to put on it, but I've finally done it. I'll put it up on my birthday of course, which is next Tuesday!

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