DIY: Beastly Bling Butler

I admit I may have gotten a bit carried away when naming this. I'm a fan of alliteration, ridiculousness, and the word 'butler' so it was inevitable.  Moving on...

 I'm allergic to metal so I have never needed any kind of jewelry box or case or whatever you call the place you store jewelry. However, I needed somewhere to put kitty charms before they're dispatched to their homes and thus was born the Beastly Bling Butler!
It's a very easy, relatively quick, and quite inexpensive to make. A quick break-down of the process:

Supplies: 1. A piece of wood. The one I used is 2 ft x 2 in x 1/2 in. 2. Paint for wood. I used gouache because it's all I had in a large enough quantity. 3. Paintbrush 4. Acrylic paint for animals. 5. Glue. I swear by Mod Podge for everything! 6. Miniature animals. I got 20/$10 at Diddams which seems like a lot but I'm sure you could find them cheaper.

Step 1: Paint the wood your desired color. You could skip this step and leave the wood alone too.
Step 2: Paint the animals. You could also skip this step or paint them different colors.
Step 3: Cut the animals in half. 
Step 4: Glue the animals to the wood at 1 inch intervals. Mod Podge really holds these suckers on. No need to worry about them coming off from the weight of your jewelry.

Hang using your preferred method. I'm thinking of using some of those double-sided sticky things as they work well but come off easily when you want to move things around.

Don't forget all those butts!
I got some magnetic strips and glued tiny pieces to the butts to make magnets. Put them on your fridge as a midnight snack deterrent! 

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