DIY Acrocats Wall Decal

I'm completely overwhelmed by so much positive feedback on my kitty charms! As a thank you I put together this acrocat wall decal kit. I just put them up on my wall and I can't stop looking up and giggling at them. Would putting them all over my wall be too much? I think I might have to. Yes. I would be crazy NOT to!  

To get your own, all you'll need is some contact paper from any hardware store and some scissors (or an x-acto knife).  They're easily removable and reusable if you feel like moving them around to constantly be within view. 

Here's what to do: Download the images here and print them out. Place the printout on top of the contact paper and cut through both layers at once  (Or you could cut out the shapes, then trace them onto the back of your contact paper, and cut them out separately if you wish). Finally, peel off the paper backing and stick them to your wall. Or on a door. Or a window. Or anywhere really!

Look at what my sister gave me for my birthday! She contacted the artist and asked her to make a print just for me! Best ever! (sister AND print)

I free-handed some other designs too. It's so easy and fun! 
I'm finishing up another DIY, so come back soon! Thanks for reading!

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