33 Before 33

You don't know how many times I've had to think about that number: 33. "Wait, that can't be right! I'm only 31 now. Why do I have to think of 33 things!?" Eventually I always work it out in my head. This is just another indication of my deteriorating mental capacities (I think I've been watching too much Star Trek, can you tell?). It's not that I have a problem with getting so damn old. I actually spent the first 7 months of the past year thinking I was already 32 years old. Seriously. So turning 32 for real is no biggie, especially since I act so immature! Woot!
I've been compiling this list for 4 months. I thought I would never think of 33 things, but I did it! I actually thought of 38 and had to edit a few. So here is my birthday bucket list:

Keep a creative journal
Make a sock puppet movie with Lorna
Learn 3 new crafts
Go to a zoo
Make 2 scarves for the Special Olympics
Stay organized and purge regularly
Sew a quilt
Go camping
Keep plants alive for 1 year (from when I got them)
Make a plushie
Keep in touch with friends
Go Geocaching
Participate in a craft fair
Go to a museum
Make a vlog
Travel somewhere new
Go Letterboxing
Acquire a cool bike
Make a treasure hunt
Sew something wearable
Go to a festival
Crochet, knit, needlepoint, sew (whatever!) a room full of colorful pillows
Go to Hearst Castle
Go to Disneyland
Doubt myself less
Have full tea
Finish Indie Biz course
Perform random acts of kindness
Make monthly goals
Learn to use camera
Make 100 kitty charms
Make daily to do lists
Start new traditions (1,)

 I'm really looking forward to seeing most of them, ALL of them even, crossed off. I do love a finished project!
Oh yeah, so this means today's my birthday! Forgot to mention that part. Yay!

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