33 Before 33

You don't know how many times I've had to think about that number: 33. "Wait, that can't be right! I'm only 31 now. Why do I have to think of 33 things!?" Eventually I always work it out in my head. This is just another indication of my deteriorating mental capacities (I think I've been watching too much Star Trek, can you tell?). It's not that I have a problem with getting so damn old. I actually spent the first 7 months of the past year thinking I was already 32 years old. Seriously. So turning 32 for real is no biggie, especially since I act so immature! Woot!
I've been compiling this list for 4 months. I thought I would never think of 33 things, but I did it! I actually thought of 38 and had to edit a few. So here is my birthday bucket list:

Keep a creative journal
Make a sock puppet movie with Lorna
Learn 3 new crafts
Go to a zoo
Make 2 scarves for the Special Olympics
Stay organized and purge regularly
Sew a quilt
Go camping
Keep plants alive for 1 year (from when I got them)
Make a plushie
Keep in touch with friends
Go Geocaching
Participate in a craft fair
Go to a museum
Make a vlog
Travel somewhere new
Go Letterboxing
Acquire a cool bike
Make a treasure hunt
Sew something wearable
Go to a festival
Crochet, knit, needlepoint, sew (whatever!) a room full of colorful pillows
Go to Hearst Castle
Go to Disneyland
Doubt myself less
Have full tea
Finish Indie Biz course
Perform random acts of kindness
Make monthly goals
Learn to use camera
Make 100 kitty charms
Make daily to do lists
Start new traditions (1,)

 I'm really looking forward to seeing most of them, ALL of them even, crossed off. I do love a finished project!
Oh yeah, so this means today's my birthday! Forgot to mention that part. Yay!


Mini Fox Stole My Heart

I went crafting crazy this weekend! I woke up Saturday morning and was in the mood to make some stamps (a snail, a mushroom, and some plants), then I sewed up a few drawstring pouches, made a woodland scene wall decal, and then I came across a knitting pattern. Not just any knitting pattern, but possibly the most adorable scarf ever imagined! I bought it immediately and went to town on my yarn stash. You know in cartoons when someone digs through a drawer and throws item by item out over their shoulders? That was me with my yarn. I settled on some super soft malabrigo that I had forgotten about. 
I even wore it to the store today. I felt a little silly and it certainly wasn't cold enough for a coat, scarf, AND hat but I had to! For some reason I've become incapable of taking a picture without this total bitch look on my face. I'm really sorry, I swear I'm not as bitchy as this bitch below would make you believe.
And I find this picture hilarious:
Yes. That is a Christmas tree up in the background. I couldn't help that either.  :D

Now I need to get to work on my birthday bucket list. It's taken me months to think of enough items to put on it, but I've finally done it. I'll put it up on my birthday of course, which is next Tuesday!


DIY: Beastly Bling Butler

I admit I may have gotten a bit carried away when naming this. I'm a fan of alliteration, ridiculousness, and the word 'butler' so it was inevitable.  Moving on...

 I'm allergic to metal so I have never needed any kind of jewelry box or case or whatever you call the place you store jewelry. However, I needed somewhere to put kitty charms before they're dispatched to their homes and thus was born the Beastly Bling Butler!
It's a very easy, relatively quick, and quite inexpensive to make. A quick break-down of the process:

Supplies: 1. A piece of wood. The one I used is 2 ft x 2 in x 1/2 in. 2. Paint for wood. I used gouache because it's all I had in a large enough quantity. 3. Paintbrush 4. Acrylic paint for animals. 5. Glue. I swear by Mod Podge for everything! 6. Miniature animals. I got 20/$10 at Diddams which seems like a lot but I'm sure you could find them cheaper.

Step 1: Paint the wood your desired color. You could skip this step and leave the wood alone too.
Step 2: Paint the animals. You could also skip this step or paint them different colors.
Step 3: Cut the animals in half. 
Step 4: Glue the animals to the wood at 1 inch intervals. Mod Podge really holds these suckers on. No need to worry about them coming off from the weight of your jewelry.

Hang using your preferred method. I'm thinking of using some of those double-sided sticky things as they work well but come off easily when you want to move things around.

Don't forget all those butts!
I got some magnetic strips and glued tiny pieces to the butts to make magnets. Put them on your fridge as a midnight snack deterrent! 


Giveaway Winner!

It's time to announce the winner of the custom kitty charm giveaway! I noticed that some of the comments were showing up more than once, so to make it truly fair I wrote all the names down on paper, checking to make sure everyone got their proper entries, and drew a name from a hat.
And the winner is:

Laura of Blue Eyed Night Owl

Her cat, Misty, is the sweetest looking kitty! I'm going to enjoy "charming" her! 

Last week I made 2 charms for Viviana of She Likes Cherries. Her cats are so gorgeous! I was really nervous I couldn't do them justice in their charms.

Thank you all for entering the giveaway! 



I'm the craft version of all dressed up with nowhere to go. I want to make something, but I don't know what to make! Lorna and I bought a merde-ton of this fabric yesterday (excuse my french). We had intended to only get 2 yards, which turned into 4, which ended up being the rest-of-the-bolt-since-it-would-be-half-off-that-way. But now I don't know what to make with it. Which is a bit ridiculous because it's not like there's a limited amount, forcing me to chose just one project. I could probably make one of everything ever made with this much fabric. Ok, so I may be exaggerating a bit.
It's clearly meant to be a Christmas fabric, but I've convinced myself it could be passed off as general winter/camping/woodland fabric. I'm pretty manipulative with myself that way. What a bitch.

Here are some things I've thought of so far:
Christmas stockings (to be hung with care, not worn. In case that wasn't clear)
A Christmas tree skirt
some kind of plushie
A cover for my bedside table (named Dave)
pajama bottoms (or bed pants as I like to call them)

I feel like there is something that would be perfect, but I'm just missing what it is. Any ideas?


DIY Acrocats Wall Decal

I'm completely overwhelmed by so much positive feedback on my kitty charms! As a thank you I put together this acrocat wall decal kit. I just put them up on my wall and I can't stop looking up and giggling at them. Would putting them all over my wall be too much? I think I might have to. Yes. I would be crazy NOT to!  

To get your own, all you'll need is some contact paper from any hardware store and some scissors (or an x-acto knife).  They're easily removable and reusable if you feel like moving them around to constantly be within view. 

Here's what to do: Download the images here and print them out. Place the printout on top of the contact paper and cut through both layers at once  (Or you could cut out the shapes, then trace them onto the back of your contact paper, and cut them out separately if you wish). Finally, peel off the paper backing and stick them to your wall. Or on a door. Or a window. Or anywhere really!

Look at what my sister gave me for my birthday! She contacted the artist and asked her to make a print just for me! Best ever! (sister AND print)

I free-handed some other designs too. It's so easy and fun! 
I'm finishing up another DIY, so come back soon! Thanks for reading!


Custom Kitty Charm Launch and Giveaway!

I'm so excited to announce the launch of Kitty Charms in my Etsy Shop today! I've never had so much fun making something in my life. Probably because I'm left with hand-fulls of adorable kitties! I have a growing selection of pre-designed kitties or you can get a CUSTOM made kitty to look like your very own pet! (Dogs coming soon)

I've made the kitties of 5 of my favorite bloggers to kick off this new section of my shop. 
Do you recognize these precious pets?

Some of these I'm sure you'll have heard of, but some of them you may not be familiar with. 
So allow me to introduce all of them to you!

 I've made it pretty obvious that Andrea is my blogging and crafting idol. I really don't think there's anything she can't do! Her kitty, Skittles, recently experienced her first snow! 

I used to think that 2 kitties was the perfect amount to have in any home. Kaylah, however, changed my mind completely! She has 4 awesome kitties that proves the more, the merrier. Especially when one of them is the most dapper cat in existence and they all pose for impromptu band photos together!

I love the way Elycia translates all the emotions on her cat's faces (somehow they manage to often look interested and indifferent at the same time!) when they make appearances on her blog. Plus they must be the softest kitties on the planet from the look of her photos!

So these next two cats aren't based on real cats. Who cares! Water In My Paint has some of my favorite watercolors on Etsy. I'm so bummed that this painting that these charms are based on is sold.

Katie over at Matsutake has some of the most amazing DIY transformation home projects I've seen. Her assistant, Ms. Norwood, is the most hilariously cantankerous cat to idolize Anna Wintour ever. She recently added Jeremiah to her household, too!

Each charm comes with a 20 inch chain so you can wear your pet close to your heart when you're away from home. Or you can attach a bit of embroidery thread and use it as a one of a kind ornament. A custom kitty charm would make the perfect gift for that cat lady who is impossible to shop for!

To celebrate this launch, I'm giving away a custom kitty charm to one lucky winner! If you don't have a cat, you can pick any one of the Kitty Charms from my shop or just send me a pic of any cute, random kitty instead.

How to Win

Main Entry:
Follow The Dapper Toad blog on Google Friend Connect or BlogLovin and leave a comment telling me about your pet.

Additional Entries: 
1- 'Like' The Dapper Toad on Facebook
2- Tweet this giveaway with: Love Kitties? Enter to win the Custom Cat Charm GIVEAWAY from @thedappertoad  http://tinyurl.com/5swjs3c    and leave a link to your tweet below.
3- Post about this Giveaway on YOUR blog or on Facebook.

That's a total of 4 possible entries. Please leave a seperate comment below for each entry. Contest ends Tuesday, November 8th.

Good luck!