Pumpkin Patch!

This week Lorna and I went to Half Moon Bay to have some Pumpkin Patch fun. The weather was foggy which was a nice break from the warm weather we've been having on the other side of the hill. We had the place almost to ourselves, which made it all the more fun! This place had the most amazing selection of pumpkins, a corn maze, a mini hay maze, and the cutest car ever in the parking lot (which would still be true even if it wasn't my car! Ha!)
We called the pumpkin Lorna is holding on the right the Burt pumpkin. Round ones were Ernie pumpkins.
There were tons (literally) of mini pumpkins!
 I think these tiny ones are my favorites; they're just so dang cute!
Some of the varieties the had for sale:
One of them even looked eerily like me!
I had never seen these before! So weird, but awesome!
Lorna cheating her way through the mini hay maze.
We couldn't resist taking a picture to match one we have from over 25 years ago!
I wanted to carve some Golden Girl pumpkins, but decided to 
just make some mini vampire pumpkins instead.
Lorna DOES NOT like this. She thinks it's way too creepy.
Have you been to the pumpkin patch this year? How do you decorate for Halloween/fall?


  1. Ok wait. You knit/crochet AND have a MINI? New favorite blog. I'm on my 3rd MINI :)

    1. 3rd mini! WoW! I'm definitely sticking with them forever!


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