Knitting Needle Organizer Hurray!

Knitting is great. It's fun to create accessories and cute plushies, satisfies my urge to finish things, and gives my hands something to do while watching Netflix. This, however, is not so great:
Ack! What to do? Well, I recently (more like finally!) hemmed my curtains (ok, I only finished one so far) 
and found myself with a good amount of left over fabric. I immediately knew what to do 
with it! I turned that needle nightmare above into organized bliss. 
Why is organizing so satisfying? I literally get excited when I pass the organization aisle 
at Target. I wonder if there is a gene for organization. There must be.
It's a needle burrito!
What should I do with the leftover fabric from my other curtain?


  1. Make another one of course.... Sell it...? Give it away...? Pick me! lol :) x

  2. Super cute. What are the dimensions?

  3. super !! que gran idea tener las agujas e complementos en orden.
    Gracias por compartirlo


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