Romeo and Paris

This is one of the only pictures I have of my two cats, Romeo and Paris, who both passed away two years ago. :( As you can see, Romeo (right) was huge! More to love, for sure. They pretended to dislike each other, but could often be found cuddling like this. Paris loved to sleep under the covers with me. I wish kitties lived forever, I miss them every day.

But thanks to my cat clock I still have the cute meows of kitties filling my apartment every hour, on the hour!
Despite some of the cats being pretty annoying, I always smile when it meows. What time is it? Norwegian Forest Cat O'clock!

I also have a bird clock. I've set them so that the birds tweet first, then the cats meow right afterwards. I know I know, I'm a little nuts...


  1. That is the coolest clock I've ever heard of! Where did you find it? I so want one! Also, your comment at the end makes me think that a) you are super awesome and b) we should probably be friends.


  2. I think I got it from amazon or ebay. I see that they're 40 bucks on amazon and I can't imagine I paid that much for it! lol


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