The Roach Coach: Revisited

Gourmet food trucks sure have taken off lately, huh? (Compelling opening line, huh?) I'm not exactly sure when the 'Roach Coach' turned into 'gourmet food trucks'. Lorna discovered one called The Speedy Panini (she thought it was called The Seedy Panini until we saw the truck itself - the next day) on Yelp the other day. She looked up where it would be this week and to her delight it was making an appearance at the nearby Hiller Aviation Museum. Lunch plans for the next day were made! We arrived at the museum (which is awesome btw) to discover that there was not just one food truck on the scene, but 5! I immediately knew I wanted to try multiple food stuffs. But what!? So hard to chose!
This guy was way too happy to pose for a pic:
I ended up getting the Fromage a Trois (ha!):
And a Rockfish Taco:
Lorna got a Crab Roll and Key Lime Pie:

The verdict: it was good food and fun! 

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