Muppet Flail!

Get ready to have a song stuck in your head all day! Ready?

Kermit Flail at 1:30!
If you haven't listened to the Muppets Green Album yet, I'm not sure why! I first heard about this a few months ago when I found out that Andrew Bird (one of my favs) was doing a cover of  It's Not Easy Being Green. He's pretty much the perfect person to do a cover of a Kermit song. I mean he's basically the human version of Kermit.
I love that this picture is captioned "Bird and Frog"  Ha!
Listen and muppet flail away!
Also, the new Muppet Movie is coming soon (Nov. 23)!
We watched Muppets From Space again the other night. Still funny. My favorite part is towards the end when the little egg comes down from space and the muppets are commenting on how small it is and Pepe the King Prawn says, "Shhh! It could be full of chocolate, okay?"
Do you have a favorite muppet?

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