Scallop Trim Nail DIY

 I've become fond of painting my nails in fun ways this summer. I like to try a new look at least once a week. I thought of doing this scallop trim today while experimenting with polka dot methods. I'm sure I didn't invent it, but I haven't seen it anywhere so I figured I'd share how I do it.
1 - Gather your weapons of choice. I mean colors. Paint all your nails one of your colors.
2 -  Place a small dab of your second color onto a piece of paper. I found that using a small amount and refreshing it for each nail helped prevent the dab from becoming too goo-like.
3 - Dip the ball end of a sewing pin into your dab.
4 - Stamp your nail with the pin. This works just like a stamp, just press semi-firmly and quickly. Dip the pin into your dab of polish again if necessary and place another dot next to the first. Continue dotting the tip of the nail.
5 - Paint in the tip of the nail or any areas that were missed.
6 - Let dry and apply top coat.
7 - Voila!

I've also been told that they look like elephant feet. Hee!

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