My sister is moving back home from Michigan! Yaaaay! She's here this weekend looking at places to live. We had some Mexican food and played Pass the Pigs as soon as she got here!

If the pigs land like this, you lose all your points.
If they land like this, you lose entirely! Because it's "a totally undignified position for pigs."
And then I realized I was eating the carnitas burrito. Ha.
I won.

And then we had these "cupcakes" from Vanilla Moon. I say "cupcakes" because these are no ordinary cupcakes. The one on the right is a Smores cupcake with a graham cracker crust and a toasted meringue topping! In the back is Tiramisu with Mascarpone topping! Yum! And neither of us had ever had a Macaroon before. This one is Honey Lavender. It had a good flavor but neither of us were fans of the filling. I likened it to Vaseline and Lorna to butter. Yuck. But they're cute to look at.

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  1. omg I love pass the pigs but haven't played since I was a little girl : ) gotta find some now! those cupcakes are making me very hungry, too. gourmet :)


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