My sister is moving back home from Michigan! Yaaaay! She's here this weekend looking at places to live. We had some Mexican food and played Pass the Pigs as soon as she got here!

If the pigs land like this, you lose all your points.
If they land like this, you lose entirely! Because it's "a totally undignified position for pigs."
And then I realized I was eating the carnitas burrito. Ha.
I won.

And then we had these "cupcakes" from Vanilla Moon. I say "cupcakes" because these are no ordinary cupcakes. The one on the right is a Smores cupcake with a graham cracker crust and a toasted meringue topping! In the back is Tiramisu with Mascarpone topping! Yum! And neither of us had ever had a Macaroon before. This one is Honey Lavender. It had a good flavor but neither of us were fans of the filling. I likened it to Vaseline and Lorna to butter. Yuck. But they're cute to look at.


Part 2 of Doctor Who series 6 is coming up fast (although not fast enough!). My sister, Lorna, over at Knits for Life has made some really awesome Doctor Who treasuries on Etsy. She is really good at making them. Whenever I try, I get bored after the first few items and give up. No big deal, I suppose, since I only ever want to make cat treasuries.
Her River Song is my favorite!

and even Rory!


Paper Sparrow Blog Party!

Andrea of Paper Sparrow is pretty much my crafting and blogging idol. Ever since I bought my first Keyboard Cat ring from her a year ago, I've been obsessed. She makes the most awesome illustrations and crafts. Such an inspiration! Today she is having a Wes Anderson Blog Party! I can't get over how cute this Life Aquatic Shadow Box is. And you can win it (along with tons of other goodies)! That is, if I don't win it first! :D


Octavian the Octopuss

Egads! What's that? Meet Octavian. He's part cat, part octopus, he's an octopuss! Octavian wonders why he's been given so many legs as he doesn't plan on actually using them to go anywhere. He prefers to just sleep in sunny spots.

Octavian the octopuss pattern on Ravelry!


Kale the Snail

This is my last week of teaching kids to make movies at camp this summer. There have been some pretty silly movies made. My favorites are usually the animation and stop motion movies. Here's a quick claymation I made this week.
I say "quick" but honestly, this 67 second movie took 2 days.
Can you believe most of the kids have never seen movies like The Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, or pretty much any other Jim Henson movie!? Of course I tell the kids to go home immediately and demand to see these movies right away. But kids these days . . . they don't listen to a word I say.  Hee :D


Scallop Trim Nail DIY

 I've become fond of painting my nails in fun ways this summer. I like to try a new look at least once a week. I thought of doing this scallop trim today while experimenting with polka dot methods. I'm sure I didn't invent it, but I haven't seen it anywhere so I figured I'd share how I do it.
1 - Gather your weapons of choice. I mean colors. Paint all your nails one of your colors.
2 -  Place a small dab of your second color onto a piece of paper. I found that using a small amount and refreshing it for each nail helped prevent the dab from becoming too goo-like.
3 - Dip the ball end of a sewing pin into your dab.
4 - Stamp your nail with the pin. This works just like a stamp, just press semi-firmly and quickly. Dip the pin into your dab of polish again if necessary and place another dot next to the first. Continue dotting the tip of the nail.
5 - Paint in the tip of the nail or any areas that were missed.
6 - Let dry and apply top coat.
7 - Voila!

I've also been told that they look like elephant feet. Hee!


Craft School: Sewing

There are a lot of crafts I would like to learn. Sewing is one of them. I had always been afraid of sewing and sewing machines. I'm not exactly sure why, but I guess it just seemed like something I would suck at, so I stayed away. Recently at work I began going into the Style Studio during my break to play around with the sewing machine and I loved it! The first thing I tried was making a pouch. Of course, I messed it up. But it wasn't terrible and the next day I tried another. That one actually turned out great! Shocking! So that weekend (last weekend) I went sewing machine shopping and ended up buying this Brother (need to name him still). 
I also got a bunch of fabric samples and zippers from Joann's and made myself a pin cushion.

 Now I'm on a pouch making rampage! Here's one:
Some of my coworkers joined me on our break last Friday and had me teach them how to make some. I'm so glad I took the plunge into sewing. And just in time for the new season of Project Runway!

UPDATE: I've decided on a name: Super Mario.