Lemme tell you, this pattern is crazy! It's for a whole Jackalope body too, which I started to knit as well, and it's just amazing how Hansi Singh forms the curves and crevices of the hind legs and body all in one piece! I had intended on starting this head lower down on the neck, but it was difficult to tell where in the middle of the pattern I should start (the pattern is knit from butt to head). I'm happy with how the embroidery turned out since I usually suck at that part. 

I tried to make him look like this Jackalope I painted, that you can see on my messy wall here:

I also made this cute kitty last week. He's got such personality! Just have to finish his tail. 


  1. soooo cute! I love them both - I think orange cats might be my fav!

    I love seeing the Paper Sparrow prints in "action" - you've got such a lovely collection of prints - everything seems to go together so well!

  2. LOVE the Jackalope! They always creeped me out, but yours is cute.


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