It's June. June is supposed to be the beginning of the long, warm days of summer. So why is it still cloudy and rainy every single day?! I like rainy days, but this is just getting ridiculous. So I made this raincloud in hopes of jinxing the real rainclouds outside. Let's see if it works!

I used this Rainycloud pattern, but adapted it to be crochet. I like it knit, but crochet suits my desire for immediate gratification (or at least quicker). The person who made this pattern is pretty incredible. She's knit pretty much anything you can think of in miniature, and a bunch of cute, clever things that you'd never imagine! Some of my favorites are a snowman planet, a tiny lit match, her conversion factories, and this mind blowing miniature train villiage!
Now I have to decide if I want to draw another doodle for Andrea's Daily Animal Doodles project. Frankly, my llama looks like Jesus in drag...

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