I finally finished this hexagon blanket, using this pattern from Attic24 for the colored circles. It is 20 rows of 15 hexagons! That's 300 hexagons! It only took 2 months, and I even took a few weeks off from working on it. I used it for the first time yesterday while catching up on the current season of Doctor Who. I was drinking coffee but too afraid to actually take a sip for fear of spilling on it. Ha! 

I kind of went into withdrawal when I was done, so...


  1. awesome blanket! and i like that you're watching doctor who and drinking coffee. =]

  2. That is beautiful! I recently finished a much less fancy afghan that has taken me on and off for four years... I admire your pace!

  3. beautiful blanket and pillow to match!! that is spectacular looking. i need to learn to crochet. and my cat loves these when I get them from the thrift store so why not make them myself. totally inspiring : ) thanks


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