Cat Show!

I work at a kids summer camp teaching kids how to make movies. We also do lots of other awesome stuff every day. Wednesday we had 4 big cats come to camp, so I made a movie of it! I spent all morning meowing at the kids in excitement (literally, I would meow repeatedly in their faces). I'm pretty sure I was way more excited than any of the kids. By far. But just look at how cute these kitties are!

The first cat is a Siberian Lynx. Next is a Cheetah. Can you believe she's not an adult yet? She is only 1 1/2 years old! Then there was a Serval Cat and finally the cutest freaking Geoffroy's cat I've ever seen (ok, the only Geoffroy's cat I've ever seen). He is house cat sized, but not tame.

Tomorrow we're having a Parrot show! I'll try to get another (shorter) movie of that one!

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